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Quotes of concern from the Masters of Sahaj Marg

Quotes of concern from Sri Ram Chandra Mission (Sahaj Marg…The Natural Path) literature being disseminated in our community under the guise of “Spirituality”

Management of Sri Ram Chandra Mission

Chari (Guru)…Plastics engineer and Retired Mill Manager with TTK Group.
Baskhar Roa…(Chief Preceptor)…Retired General Manager, State Bank of Mysore, India
Santosh Khanjee (International Affairs and Web site)…..Businessman, Austin, Texas…

Listed on French Government Report on Cult Activity in France…
Purchased 2 Castles in Europe (France (Peugeot Castle) and Denmark) and numerous commercial buildings and properties around the world

Operates two Web sites SRCM and SMRTI (Sahaj Marg Research and Training Institute) for questionable “value based” school curriculum starting with 5 years old kids…..(they tried to get it in French school near their Castle at Augerans, France)

Linked and collaborates with International Association of Spiritual Psychiatry, Europe (preceptor (German Psychiatrist) published research on 54 “serfs”(disciples), and is a collaborator on the Sri Ram Chandra Mission Web site

Schisms within the group in India (see (was called Ramashram and Institute of Ram Chandra Consciousness and by another group…court cases around the use of names of Web sites and books of the original Ram Chanrdra) in India and Europe (France)

Links: French Government Report on Cults (click on link at this news site)..

French site with news articles on Cults

Great French research site on Cults (English version available)

Lineage of Lalaji:


From their book “The efficacy of Sahaj Marg”

The daily prayer…(to the Guru)

O Master!
Thou art the real goal of human life;
We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement.
Thou art the only God and power to bring us up to that stage.

To Whom is the Mission Prayer Addressed and Why

Babuji himself has written that ultimately He (pointing upwards) is the real Master . . . and all the human Masters who come on this world, on this earth, are His representatives. If that is so, then why do we address the prayer, "Oh, Master" and not "Oh, God". Now today I am giving you the answer for that. Because God, it is a living God who is before you in the form of the Master ...this is an embodied flesh-and-blood divinity . . . who can understand our needs; who can understand our temperaments; who can sympathize with us, being human himself; who can accept our failings, perhaps having failed himself in some way . . .

Heart of the Lion (Book)...Page 14

....So I repeat, the Guru is the only friend. In fact, I have said this so often, that in the Sufi philosophy, the Guru is called Friend. "The Friend is coming". Because he is the only fellow who can give his life for you. He is the only fellow, therefore, to whom you must hand over totally, a Power of Attorney....."Do with me as you think I deserve to be done with. Kick me when I have to be kicked. Beat me when I have to be beaten. Curse me when I have to be cursed. But make of me what you think I should be eventually, because only you can do it."

So once more I say this in all humility....if you must have a Master, find a fellow who is capable of, you know, throwing you around, beating you up, cutting you to pieces. Remember Parushurama's father and the stern test that young boy had to make for obedience...."Kill your Mother"...."Yes"...

He pulled out the sword and cut off her head. He said, "I am pleased with you my son. Ask for anything you want." He said, "I want my mother alive." And He said, "So be it." and she got up and walked off. The Guru is the Master, when you say of destiny, it means life and death. He must be the Master of your life as he must be the Master of your death.

From "Salient Features of Sahaj Marg" Series 2 (page 26)....

In examining this idea of freedom, we have been led to the conclusion that what we have thought of as freedom is nothing but a state of surrender to the Master's will. We have not lost freedom in the sense that we have been deprived of it. We have voluntarily, whole-heartedly and devotedly surrendered it to the Master of our Soul. To those who are fortunate enough to arrive at this stage, the Master is no longer a guide for spirituality alone. He has now become the Master of one's life in all it's aspects of existence. He becomes the father, the mother, the son, the teacher, the doctor, in fact, there is no role that He does not play in the abhyasi's life. He has taken total charge of the abhyasi. So we see that only our surrendering to Him can bring about a state where He can take total charge of us!

Analysing this further we find, surprisingly, that a great and unimaginable freedom is now confered on the abhyasi. It is the freedom from freedom itself. It is the freedom of invulnerability. We may even say that it is the freedom of invincibility. We are no longer answerable for our actions. We merely obey. The person who issues the orders, the Master, assumes complete responsibility for anything we do. We are no longer vulnerable to the world. Therefore, a great calm, a great freedom comes to us. Out of our apparent loss of previous freedom- largely illusory as we have seen- we now receive a divine gift, the true freedom of a spiritual state, a real freedom which some saints have called "The Great Liberation".

Maxim 2...(Spiritual cloning)

Now for the form of prayer which may ensure the greatest good to everyone. I may say that one should be brought to the same state of mind which is usually developed at the time of prayer. The feeling that he as a true servant approaches the great Master in the humble capacity of an insignificant beggar must be engrossed upon his mind. He may put up everything before his Master, resigning himself completely to His will. In other words he may assume his real form after surrendering everything to the Master. He should withdraw himself from all sides and turn completely towards Him losing all worldly charms. The remembrance of everything should merge into the remembrance of One -- the Ultimate, resounding all through in every particle of his being. This may be known as complete annihilation of self. If one develops in this state, in my view he should be considered as an embodiment of prayer. Every thought of his will be synonymous with that of the Master. He will never turn towards anything that is against the Divine will. His mind will always be directed towards that which is the Master's command.

Ignorance is Bliss....
From "Salient features of Sahaj Marg" Series 2 (Page 20)

The fact of unknowing, which Lalaji expressed so simply- Ignorance is Bliss. When there is a fire and I don't know that there is a fire, I am comparatively happier than if I know there is a fire.....

Be Like Lions
From "Salient Features of Sahaj Marg" Series 2 (Page 21)

Look within. Look to the Heart. Build your heart. Make it brave, make it strong, make it courageous. Be Lions, as Babuji wanted. He said: "One lion is worth more that five hundred sheep." It is not that we do not accept sheep but we accept sheep who are willing to become lions, not sheep who want to stay on as sheep.......And what was but a shepherd's pen has now become the jungle in which the lions roam freely. This is what we are setting out to achieve....

.....He wanted our hearts to be like lions - brave, courageous, capable of discrimination, able to give up everything for the sake of the Master.

Dying in Love

When there is love between two persons, wether husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, friends, guru and disciple- if this real love is there between the two, there will automatically develop a mutual respect, a mutual regard, even a mutual admiration, perhaps even a mutual worship. Because friendship must ripen into love, love must ripen into adoration. Adoration must ripen into worship, into surrender and then into extinction of the self.

Therefore you see, loving is dying. To love is to die. ........

From Salient Features of Sahaj Marg (SMRI Series 3) Page 52-53

Idol Worship;

Sahaj Marg has nowhere said temple worship is wrong, nor does Master expressly forbid idol worship. ....

To other abhyasis, the preceptor has become such an idol. I believe that any abhyasi who says, "my preceptor" when talking about the preceptor who is serving him has fallen into this form of idol worship. Here it is the preceptor who has been transformed into an idol, or idolised. Here again the Master may be in the background, but is that Master's rightful place? When Master says that every gods are fuctionaries of Nature, and are there to serve, and not to be served, can we deify preceptors and relatives in this way?

I must say that preceptors generally do not fall into this error. But abhyasis idolize them to the extent of ascribing to them the credit which should go to the Master. Where our credit is given, there goes our gratitude and this is followed by our love. So, wrongly ascribed credit can be disastrous in leading to the creation of an idol for us. So Master's message is quite clear. All credit goes to our Master. When we give credit where it is not due, that too is a form of idol worship. We should beware of falling into such errors.......

Page 19....

Connections with relations should be established in such a way that the inner bond should appear severed. However one should be a partner in their joys and sorrows. This should be with everybody.

Refrain from entering into monetary transactions. When they are in dire need, financial help should be given to the extent that one does not feel sorry if the money is not returned, and relations are not strained.

Page 25....

If you think that it is your Mission, it is your Master, it is His plant, therefore, it is yours, then there is no sacrifice, there is no giving. You are only watering your own plant. Who should you credit for it?
To think that my Master depends on my donation could very possibly be a sin. Masters exist in a dimension where money does not play a part. Whenever he makes us donate something, he does so to lighten our burdens. Our contribution to our Master's work is perhaps of the same proportion as the squirrel's contribution to Lord Rama's work.

....But they did it out of a sense of participation, like children participating in the work. Out of Love, you see, participation out of Love.

Page 32.....


I have known Master refusing a beggar five paise. I have known Master castigating our foreign abhyasis when they came and paid the rikshawwala ten rupees when the standard fare was three rupees. He was not generous. He was always right. Rightness does not mean generosity, rightness does not mean honesty, it does not mean anything. .....

Master’s New Year Address (2002)

…So, since you asked me to speak, I’m speaking. I hope you are listening carefully, and you will ATTEMPT to follow the practise sincerely, with dedication, with absolute faithfulness to the practice, so that within a few short months, you will be able to feel in yourself that, “Yes, there is something in me which has changed. Yes, I see it myself, therefore I don’t need others to tell me anything about it. I am happy, so I don’t need other people to make me happy. I am content, I don’t need anything else to make me content. Where I sit in peace, thinking of my Master, I have the sole companion in my life whom I need. I don’t need anybody else to give me company. Then you will find happiness in Sahaj Marg , you will find fulfillment in Sahaj Marg . You will be ALONE but NEVER LONELY. YOU WILL HAVE NO RELATIVES, but you will have the one friend without whom we can do nothing and whom we don’t have, though we have many friends! He who has no Master, may have many friends but no real friend. He who has the Master may have only one friend but He is the real friend. And may that true friend be with you, guide you, help you, and take you to Himself.
Happy New Year, and may the Master bless you.
Thank you.

How to surrender? (become a “living dead”)

To effect the surrender of God in the easiest way, only an act of will is required. Self surrender is nothing but a state of complete resignation to the will of Master with total disregard of self.

1. The only effective way to attach one’s self firmly to the Abhyas is, to link himself with the Unlimited or in other words with one who, having linked himself with the unlimited, has attained the state of perfection. When you have linked yourself thus it means that the great personality has taken you in the bosom of his heart. Your effort towards going deep into it means you have taken up the path towards the Ultimate. That is what the word surrender conveys and which is the only surest path for the attainment of complete perfection. So long as you do a thing and know that you are doing it, it is not the right course and you are away from the level of surrender, because the feeling of ego is also there. Surrender is free from any conscious idea of ego. Everything there goes on in an automatic way according to the need of the moment without any previous or after thought.

2. The easiest and surest means to achieve this end (Absolute State) is to surrender yourself to the great Master in true sense and become a ‘Living Dead’ yourself. This feeling of surrender if cultivated by forced and mechanical means seldom prove to be genuine. It must develop automatically within you without the least strain or pressure upon the mind. Even if the knowledge of this fact is retained then it is not the true form of surrender. What remains to be done, when you have surrendered yourself in true sense, is, I believe, nothing. In this state you will be in close touch with Reality all the time and the current of Divine Effulgence will continue its flow to you without a break.

Talk on 21st November 2001. 7 a.m.

Dehradun (While addressing a family, about to be newly introduced to the system, after he had spoken to them about the system for about 1 hour) It is an important thing this that when we accept a Master, we accept Him completely. It is not that He is only a Master for spirituality, and we look to others for other things.

From Spider's Web (Book) (volume 1)

Question: Will the dependence on the Master ever stop?

Page 53

An Abhyasis asked the Master: "You are always talking of liberation and freedom, but everything you teach seems to need more and more dependence on the Master. Can you please explain this?"

Master replied, "Yes, you are right. But the attachment and dependence on the Master is only for the purpose of detaching you from the rest of creation, and finally, a stage comes when the dependence on the Master is cut. Thereafter, you are on you own in direct contact with God."

Page 90

....This is the way of the spiritual soldier.

Page 91

On Astrology...

Whatever may be the status of astrology as a science, sincere abhyasis of the Mission should not be guided by it because my Master has categorically said that sadhana is to change one's destiny. Therefore, for a sincere abhyasi, astrology cannot and will not work. It can only talk about the past very accurately. The future is in our hands to create with my Master's grace, blessing and help. Your coming into the Mission may have been because of your merit carried over from the past. However, nobody can leave the Mission exept through foolishness and superstitious belief in other things. So you should never think of this.

Page 93

....It is Master's grace that we are moving so rapidly from change to change without most of the persons perceiving anything. What a great protection Master offers us.

Page 95..

...If you want to become perfect, you should emulate your Master in all aspects of life.

Talk at Satkhol Jan 29, 2001 (transcribed from Video)

Q : Master, the desire to reach the goal, you cannot call it a desire to reach the goal ?
R : One man, one time.
Think, think !
We have got into too much of these stereotypes,

Q : Of what?
R : Stereotypes, that insulin is necessary for diabetes, vaccine for this, something for

(Speaking with the 2 girls)
We have to do it. See, suppose you feed me, you have given away one meal for which you
should have worked for years. So, a man can give, or a human being gives only by taking
somebody’s else share.

12:30 p.m.

On why a lady cannot be a Master Babuji said that a Master of that caliber gets orders from above, and their work includes that of destruction. A woman is not capable of such destruction. All this talk about equality between men and women the more they talk about something, the less they will get it. Equality is different from equalization. There are high pressure and low pressure areas. In the process of equalization, the wind flows from here to there, and this process if what creates the climate. If the pressure were the same everywhere, there would be no climate. This is the way of nature: Inequality Equalization Inequality Equalization (alluding to a low pressure building, winds blowing from other high pressure areas, another low pressure building up, etc.) Today you see American woman trying to do everything that the male does. They join the navy seals It is not a job for them. I might offend the woman here, but God did not create both as equals. Each have their own sphere of functioning.

25th November 2001, 8:45 a.m

Satkhol Before the morning satsangh, the door of the meditation hall was left open, and Master asked someone to close it. After this was done, an abhyasi walked in, leaving the door open again. This was closed, only for the same scene to happen yet again! Master said In the West, they have a habit to leave things as they were. If a door is open, they will leave the door open. If a door was closed, they will close the door behind them. They will leave things as they find it. This practice makes life very simple. There are many things we should learn from the West. It is the Indians who have the arrogance to leave things any which way. Some closes a door. Someone opens a door. It is a mess. (Later an abhyasi recalled a dream in which he saw Lalaji as Babuji as Love, and Chariji as Discipline). Master recalled Babujis directive in Paris (1982) to Him to bring discipline into the mission. But there are several people still in the mission who are undisciplined. So saying, He turned and looked at a girl who was sitting right next to Him (As if He was saying this to her). And almost immediately, she began to wipe off some tears from the corner of her eyes. And Master, looking at this, said Now, Dont you start. I do not understand women at all. Say the slightest of things harshly, and they begin to create a scene. It appears that I should only talk about superficial things like the food, the weather, etc. to them. Anything stronger than that, they cannot take it. I do not know what Mami (referring to His late wife) will think about all this. Maybe she will pull me up for what I am saying now, once I get to the brighter world. I do not know whether I am going there or not, but she is there. Babuji is saying You are doing good work. So continue doing it. You have built Satkhol. Go on, and build more places like this Master said that, in 2005, we would have a new ashram in Uttar Kashi, which is the place where the Sapta Rishis (the Seven Sages governing the universe) came down to the Earth to meditate. He also talked about an ashram in the place where Pathanjali had his ashram

Why Group Sittings?

The third reason is easy: because He said so, and therefore, we obey. So you see, group satsanghs are important because they amplify our efforts, the results being far bigger than the sum of individual efforts, and we learn tolerance, respect and love.

Comments by ex-abhyasi of SRCM....

“Dependence on the Guru so as to detach yourself from the rest of creation”, means detaching yourself from your friends and family, pets, problems of daily life etc This is not spirituality but psychiatry…take a pill)…..Loving and caring for the life and the world we have created is spirituality, not escaping, detaching and shirking our responsibility. The type of spirituality they are selling for the living is one for the moment of death. No wonder they sell the “living dead” concept as “spiritual”. Let them die, we should remain alive until we die, and try to help rather that deserting and neglecting in the name of GOD.

Now the “serf” has an attachment (dependence/ addiction) to a person (a capitalist at that) that is not there (living in India) and can request anything from his “serfs” (money, service etc…ie what the friends and family did), The Guru promises to be there at her death but he is not there now, so? We (the family) will still have the duty of caring for the person until she dies, burying the body, and then the Guru will magically appear and take her to God….Yeah! Right! If anyone buys that, I got a Bridge for sale !!

Soldiers must always obey and are not free to disobey... (to the point of killing)...We are not soldiers, but pilgrims...We are FREE.....but must forever protect (control/be on guard) ourselves from the religion, army and/or gang creators....Kings and Leaders with “divine inspiration”, including the Indian Brahmin, in their greed and lust for power and immortality that always divide the citizenry into them and us......

Let them (the megalomaniacs) become Gods in their own minds and mythology and leave the good people alone (us) to mend the divisions they create


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